William Charlesworth.

Artist, Copyright and Privacy Protection Lawyer.

From the heart of Kent, I create unique illustrations.

My Life

I have lived and worked in many places around the world, from Hong Kong and Japan to the US.

Sevenoaks in the UK is now my family's home.


My Style 

Working predominantly in watercolour, inspired by everyday life, I love the simplicity of shapes, capturing images and characters in their essential forms.

My Work

I have exhibited in the UK and the US.


I have undertaken a variety of commissions, including: for the Honorary Consul to Estonia; a Greek dog charity; an artisan London chocolate maker; and large tryptic for a collector in New York.

Scroll down to see how my work has evolved over time.



An evolution.

This is an example of how an artist's style can develop over time.


The top image is from 2004

and the bottom, from 2020.

See the full image in the Nicholas Gallery


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