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COMMercial commisSIONS...
Aga cooker illustration using watercolour, cats climbing it cute cartoon, "cats know best" is the title. humour and cute
AGA logo_strap_BLK_Alt strapline small.png

I am delighted to have created original works for the following brands...

(AGA, Italy)

pheasant in a waistcoat looking cock-eyed into the camera. cute watercolour illustration. "everyday i'm schoffeling" is the title.
Screenshot 2020-07-09 at 18.44.07.png

"As a specialist country-wear brand Schöffel focuses on the latest fabrics and techniques to produce superb clothing which is lightweight, technical, comfortable and specifically designed with the discerning country customer in mind. Schöffel is built on a foundation of uncompromising quality, innovation, technology and a passion for being the best. The result is a range of specialist and stylish clothing designed for the country."

Illustration in watercolour of people wearing schoffell country clothes. illustration in watercolour. pheasant in front of the picture with people relaxing at the back.
illustration in watercolour of a rabbit at afternoon tea reading a Debrett's guide to etiquette, in Royal Tunbridge Wells, at a table with champagne MOET and tea bot EMMA BRIDGEWATER and sandwiches. Humour.

This was originally a commission by Tunbridge Wells Council and has also featured on Debrett's Peerage social media.

illustration of woman standing in her dining room, with champagne and a guide to ettique at a luxury table with open doors to a beautiful garden. Luxury lifestyle.

For Details (

A watercolour illustration of cartoon. two dogs are in the window of a burlington arcade type shop with the title "cultured cockapoos" above the shop and people are waiting to go in. Security is on the door. Someone asks "how much is that doggy in the window?" and the security guard or bouncer replies, "£5k, cash only". Humour on COViD lockdown dog prices.
Watercolour illustration of a horse, cut, and polo horse with a polo rider and a small dog. the girl playing polo is wearing a pink HOOK helmet and smiling. The sign said G M Caden Equine Dental Services. and is an advert for equine dentistry.
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